The Empire

Ilcanay Deserts
The Ilcanay deserts, are a vast expanse of three conjoined desert areas running north to south between the XXXXX mountains and the waters of the XXXXXX sea. The northern-most desert, the XXXXX is a barren hilly stretch of rocks, frequently affected by powerful earthquakes and occasional vast storms which have, over the millennia, carved out a labyrinthine web of canyons. At its south the hills and rocks of the XXXXXX give way to the sandy expanse of the XXXXXX. Wetter than the XXXXXXX, the XXXXXXX is nevertheless a harsh land, home only to xenophobic wandering tribes of Grey Elves who traverse its sandy plains and fiercely guard the rare Crystalthorne groves. At the southern edge of the XXXXXX, rising precipitously above the flats of the Salt Sea, sits the XXXXXX plateau. Atop which sits the still harsher XXXXXXX desert, an ice-cold, treeless expanse of bare rock and howling winds.

Araeph Destert (Sahara)

The Saarenabor (Southern Jungle)

Secinsael (Western Islands)

The Keneos Grasslands

The Anemon Steppe

The Arkeos Mountains

The Trissavla (Central Islands)

The Eosaar Mountains

The Pelarkos Islands


New Hymenopteryx